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Experiencing Sencha Touch: VW Dealer app

Sencha Touch, a high-performance HTML5 mobile application framework. We used Sencha to build an iPad application that allows Volkswagen field managers and dealers to show customers everything about VW cars. Application features: Work offline. Update application data without reinstalling the app. Support multiple events. Capture customer information locally and upload to server later on. Vehicle gallery and videos slide show. Vehicle trim specs, color specs, technical specs, pricing. Vehicle comparison.  Since this app needs to work with iPad 1st generation, memory management became very important. We spent good amount of time to tweak the app to have small memory footprint.  The app is being used at places with no wifi. When the application is installed, it downloads all data from a server and stored on the iPad using HTML5 local file system feature. App uses high quality gallery images, so using manifest method would exceed the browser storage limit. The app its