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Bose TV Speaker vs Sonos Beam

I have been searching a compact soundbar for my living room. The Bose TV Speaker (2020 model) and Sonos Beam (2018 model) are my final contenders.  Size and Build Bose 23.5 w x 2.2 h x 4.1 d. Sonos 25.6 w x 2.6 h x 4.0 d. Height is an important factor here considering lots of TVs have very low bottom clearance. For example, LG OLED is only 1.5 inches. Build quality on both soundbars is solid. I personally like the Bose better because it has metal grills instead of cloth on Sonos. Sound's technical review is spot on. I'm not going to have an in-deep review here, but just to point out a few things I found that are important.  The sound profiles are very similar. Sonos has a little bit wider stage and able to fill the room with music better thanks to its extra side speakers. It's also more neutral sounding. Bose has a noticeable clearer dialogue. They both have a dialogue enhance feature, but I find the result is poor. For Bose, it makes the dialogue harsh and hurts