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How to get WordPress posts permalinks using SQL(database) alone

SELECT wpp.post_title, wpp.post_type, wpp.guid, wpp.post_date, CONCAT( wpo_su.option_value, REPLACE( REPLACE( REPLACE( REPLACE( REPLACE( wpo.option_value, '%year%', DATE_FORMAT( wpp.post_date, '%Y' ) ) ,'%monthnum%', DATE_FORMAT( wpp.post_date, '%m' ) ) , '%day%', DATE_FORMAT( wpp.post_date, '%d' ) ) , '%postname%', wpp.post_name ) , '%category%', wpp.post_type ) ) AS permalink FROM wp_posts wpp INNER JOIN wp_options wpo ON wpo.option_name = 'permalink_structure' INNER JOIN wp_options wpo_su ON wpo_su.option_name = 'siteurl' WHERE ( wpp.post_type = 'post' OR wpp.post_type = 'page' ) AND wpp.post_status = 'publish'

A Target campaign

A micro site that allows user to get a free mp3 download after Facebook authentication. The site is written in PHP with MySQL database. Application features: Limits one download per user.  Integration with real-time music purchasing and download. Location restriction by user IP address. Integration with Email injection services. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook user authentication process. Works on both desktop and mobile web browsers. Supports high volume of traffic.