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iPhone App iFreak!

My first published iPhone application. You can take a picture of yourself and snap your face into a movie character's body. Add other props on top of it. All elements can be rotate, scale using multi-touch. Give a name for the final character. Post the final image to your Facebook Feed, save to your photo album or send it via email. Of course it has some general information about the movie including photos, trailer and synopsis. Time spent: 3 weeks Programming: Cocoa Touch, Objective-C App URL:

Harry Potter Muggle Hub

One of my biggest project. Harry Potter Muggle Hub is a central place for fans to find interesting things to put on their own web site or social site profile. It is built from ground up like most of the projects I did. It comes with a nice CMS which allows the admin to control almost everything on the site including each module's content and their display order. The admin can create different Muggle Hub for different territory using the CMS. Admin can import content from different territory to reduce redundant work. Time spent: 6 weeks Programming: PHP, MySQL, Smarty Site URL:

The Wendy Williams Show

The official site for The Wendy Williams Show. It is built using WordPress which is an excellent tool. I like it better than Drupal. Lots of plugins, user friendly admin tool. Easy to create a customized PHP page using template tags. Time spent: 3 weeks Programming: PHP, MySQL, WordPress Site URL:


A job posting page plus a simple tool that allows administrator to view and download resumes. Programming Languages: PHP, MySQL, Smarty

Crew Labs

A project for Crew Creative. Crew Labs has a 10 steps entry form. Each step has complex validation logic. It also includes a tool for the judges to rate the film and keep track of submission status and results. Programming Languages: PHP, MySQL, Smarty, PEAR, jQuery

Filmmakers Destination

Filmmakers Destination is built using a powerful CMS Drupal. Here are some Drupal modules I think it is a must have. CCK, Views, Pathauto. Programming Languages: Drupal, PHP, MySQL